The campaign to re-open the Skipton-Colne railway line.

A brand new trans-pennine route to connect East Lancashire, Yorkshire and beyond..

Connecting Communities across the North

The prominent rail re-generation project in the North

House of Commons
Westminster Hall debate
Proposed reinstatement of the Colne to Skipton railway link
Tuesday 29 October 2019
A Westminster Hall debate on the 'Proposed reinstatement of the Colne to Skipton railway link’ has taken place on Tuesday 29 October 2019 from 9.30-11.00 am.
The debate was initiated by Graham P Jones MP.
You can view the 2hr debate using the following link:
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The end of the line??
We don't think so - it's just the beginning!
Regeneration of the North is long overdue, especially for the people of the Northern Corridor.
This project can potential to unlock huge benefits for our area.

Skipton shows us the way
The second busiest passenger corridor in the country the Airedale line shows the potential on offer when modern services are available with the related benefits for the community, jobs, leisure and mobility.

Brand New Trains - for a brand new route.
From Pacers to fast, modern rolling stock.
Northern Trains are rolling out the latest in train technology with the Class 195/331 diesel and electric trains.
WiFi enabled and air conditioned throughout.