Skipton and East Lancs Rail Action Partnership

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Connecting communities across the north.


10th October 2017 at 15:45 for a 16:00 start, Manchester Metropolitan University [MMU]
SELRAP are to present their case to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers at the Railway Division's chairman's dinner
The current Chairman of the Railway Division is Mr Richard McClean, CEO of Grand Central Trains.
This will be with other 'case studies' at MMU theatre T0.03 on Oxford Road 200 yds south of Oxford Road station Manchester.
A free buffet tea will be available at 18:00 after all the 'Case Studies' have been completed.
Any members who can make it are welcome to attend, but please don't be late - we want to make a good impression.

Open Meeting

13th November 2017 7pm, Herriots Hotel Skipton BD23 1RT.
We look forward to seeing as many members as possible! Members of the public welcome!!


Andrew Stephenson in 'Week in Westminster'
October 1 2017 - Andrew Stephenson MP re-iterates support for SELRAP.
Click for details.


Peel Ports calls for better East West rail infrastructure - September 13 2017.
Gary Hodgson, Strategic Projects Director of Peel Ports, calls for more investment in East-West rail infrastructure.
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John Grogan question in the House
September 4 2017 - John Grogan MP asked Secretary of State for Transport, 'What assessment has he made of the potential merits of restoring the Skipton to Colne rail route.'
SoS Paul Maynard MP replied that 'local authorities ... will be actively involved in the Transport for the North's Central Pennines strategic development corridor study to develop an outline programme and business case.'


Support from Hyndburn council.
July 14 2017 - Transport for North (TfN) CEO David Brown [pictured here with Cllr Noordad - one of our supporters] attended Hyndburn's Full Council meeting to present TfN's infrastructure plans. Click [here]

Sept 17 2017 - Cllr Noordad at SELRAP AGM [here]


Question in the House of Lords [Hansard: July 10 2017].
Lord Tony Greaves asked Lord Callanan [under Secretary of State DfT] 'what support are Her Majesty's Government giving to connecting communities and economies in the north of England by the re-opening of railway lines'. The full text, and the reply, are here Hansard. A video of the event is also available here [until August 7] iPlayer starting at 09:10.

It was a strong question, and the reply was encouraging, as was the clear recognition and approval of of the scheme.


Motion in Westminster Hall [Hansard: April 26 2017].
Andrew Stephenson [Pendle] Moved a motion that 'This House has considered the Colne to Skipton railway.' The question was put and agreed to.
The text of his submission, and the reply, are here Hansard A video of the event is also available here Video starting at 12:45.

Andrew made an excellent speech, and the minister's reply was encouraging, though obviously limited by the coming general election.

Question in the House of Commons [Hansard: March 30 2017].
Andrew Stephenson [Pendle] asked 'Is the Minister aware of the economic study on east-west trans-Pennine connectivity that was recently published on behalf of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnerships? The report finds that taking steps such as reopening the Skipton to Colne rail route would boost economic prosperity across the north, but that a failure to improve connectivity from east to west would "critically restrict the growth potential of the Pennine Corridor economy - a key driver of the Northern Powerhouse".'
Paul Maynard MP [Blackpool N and Cleveleys] Under-secretary DfT answered with ' My hon. Friend is entirely correct to point to the importance of trans-Pennine links, be they road or rail. I am very familiar, as I am sure he is, with the Skipton to Colne campaign and the Skipton East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership. I wish it well, and I hope that it features strongly on all the local growth fund bids that come in to the Department.


March 28 2017 - 'Central Trans-Pennine Corridor East - West Connectivity : An Economic Study'.
The report may be found at: [full] [summary] [there is also a link in projects/reports].
This report was commissioned from Cushman & Wakefield by Lancashire Enterprise Partnership in conjunction with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and the York North Yorkshire & East Riding LEP. The report states that there is 'a robust and compelling quantitative and qualitative economic case for enhancing East-West Connectivity across the Central Corridor linking Lancashire with North and West Yorkshire including the reopening of the Colne - Skipton Railway' and goes on to say 'The modelled outcome of adding Skipton-Colne reopening to the 25% network wide reduction in rail generalised costs would be to generate £ 43.47m of GDP benefits per annum'.
The report was approved by Lancashire LEP March 28 2017, and by NYCC on March 31.


July 5 2016 - SELRAP met Andrew Jones MP [Under Secretary Of State For Transport], at Westminster!
SELRAP were accompanied by David Cutter [CEO of Skipton Building Society] and Andrew Stephenson MP [Pendle, and a SELRAP patron]. The aim of this meeting was to update the minister and seek advice on options of how the re-opening the Skipton to Colne line could be progressed. Mr Cutter echoed the findings of the ODG report, and pointed out that only 25% of the Skipton head office employees live in Lancashire. This showed how the poor connectivity between East Lancashire and Skipton was restricting recruitment. Andrew Jones concurred that further work needed to be done to better understand the scale of economic, social and environmental benefits the scheme would bring to the area and beyond, and also to examine improved resilience, reduced congestion , and the impact on companies like Drax. SELRAP suggested that this was a low cost, low risk rail project that could contribute to making the Northern Powerhouse a reality. The minister advised that SELRAP liaise further with Transport for the North and the relevant Local Economic Partnerships as a means of forwarding the project to the next phase.

Project summary

A New, Fast and Modern Passenger Service into East Lancashire A New East- West Strategic Rail Freight Route
stn The Airedale line is a modern and fast train service running from Leeds and terminating at Skipton. SELRAP's proposal is to extend this by by reopening the closed railway line from Skipton to Colne. This will allow passengers from East Lancashire to travel directly into Leeds in less than 60 minutes. This proposal is supported by Arriva Northern Trains and Skipton Building Society, who both recognise that it will open up employment, educational and leisure opportunities throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire. It also allows the possibility of a direct link to Manchester airport from points from Shipley to Skipton. For project details click here stn SELRAP's proposal will create a fourth East-West trans-Pennine rail route, providing a vital new artery for goods to travel quickly and efficiently across the north. This proposal is supported by Drax: Britains largest electricity generator, and Peel Ports: owners of Liverpool's new Deepwater Port. For project details click here