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We have hundreds of quotations in support of the re-instatement of the Skipton to Colne link

These are only a sample

David Cutter CEO Skipton Building Society 'We are pleased to help and support SELRAP in its campaign to reopen the Skipton & Colne railway line as part of the national network for passenger and freight. At Skipton Building Society we recognise that improved links between East Lancashire and Leeds will bring economic and social benefits to our heartland and we are proud to support that.'
Dr Jon Lamonte CEO TfGM Having walked the ground of the Skipton-Colne line, one can easily see how the line could be re-instated, albeit not without some challenges, and how this could make a real difference to people, particularly in East Lancashire, and build a further cross-Pennine link for passengers and freight.
Lord Crathorne HoL and Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire This is to wish you every success in opening the Skipton-Colne part of the new Transpennine Route. This is a wonderful initiative and deserves the widest possible support.
Roger Helmer MEP East Midlands I should be happy to be listed as a supporter of the Colne & Skipton Railway Project.
Stuart Agnew MEP Eastern I can confirm that although I am not a subscriber to the great manmade global warming myth, I can and do appreciate the many other sound reasons for re-opening the Colne to Skipton rail link. Therefore, I am willing for my name to be added to your list of supporters, alongside of my colleagues Godfrey Bloom, John Bufton, Derek Clark, Roger Helmer and Paul Nuttall. Best wishes and good luck with your campaign.
Dr Charles Tannock MEP London I am writing on behalf of Dr Tannock to convey his support for your excellent initiative. He is very happy to join his London colleagues and fellow Conservative MEPs in giving this sensible initiative his full backing.
Jean Lambert MEP London If we are to tackle climate change and develop a truly sustainable approach to transport, it's crucial we put much more investment into railways and extend the rail network. If we are to reduce car dependency, rail has to become a more attractive, affordable and viable means of transport. That must mean correcting the errors of the past and reopening parts of the network that have previously been shut down. I'm therefore extremely pleased to add my voice to the campaign to re-open the Skipton to Colne railway, as part of the National Rail Network. I hope we get a positive result as soon as possible.
Mary Honeyball MEP London I am happy to add my name. Good luck!
Syed Kamall MEP London I am more than happy to support the campaign to reopen the 11 mile missing rail link between Lancashire & Yorkshire. Good transport is essential for facilitating trade, improving the quality of our lives and connecting communities. I am sure that your perseverance will eventually pay off and that one day we will see trains running again on this line. I hope that when this happens, you will invite me to the reopening of the line.
Paul Nuttall MEP North West via Nigel Brown pa 'Paul Nuttall fully endorses his other UKIP MEP colleagues in supporting the efforts of SELRAP to re-open this link. UKIP believes that the Government should be funding such projects to reduce road traffic and generate jobs and economic opportunities in the region. Paul will be fighting to ensure that the funding and therefore decision making, will be provided from the British taxpayer, without EU interference and red tape.'
Sajjad Karim MEP North West I am extremely impressed by the momentum your campaign has taken on. This is perhaps unsurprising considering the strength of feeling surrounding the possible restoration of a transport link which would indeed contribute towards increased employment and leisure options for those people who have no access to a car or prefer not to drive.
Dr Kay Swinburne MEP Wales I would be happy to join my colleagues and lend my support for this campaign, which I believe would also be highly beneficial to North Wales. By reopening this link, this would not only reduce travel times as you indicate in your letter, but would also improve transportation links into Wales, which is vital for trade and business. I know that this move would also be welcomed by businesses across the North of Wales and so this campaign would have my wholehearted support. I would like to wish you the best of luck in your campaign.
Anthea McIntyre MEP West Midlands I would like to give my support to this worthwhile campaign to re-open the Skipton to Colne railway and send all good wishes for your success.
Linda McAvan MEP Yorkshire and The Humber Restoration of the Skipton-Colne line will not only open up many more travel opportunities but has the potential to improve employment and leisure options for those who wish to use rail transport rather than road.
Timothy Kirkhope MEP Yorkshire and The Humber I am delighted to become a Patron of SELRAP. The cause of bringing back into use the Skipton-Colne railway line is a very good one, especially as there is firm evidence that more people wish to travel by rail. And this route would make life easier for a considerable number of people. Like all proposals there is a need for not only goodwill from Politicians, but also a commitment to take action to ensure that the appropriate funding is in place. With a trackbed in place and ready to be re-laid, and with a clear demonstration of need, SELRAP cannot fail. As Conservative Transport spokesman in Europe I am personally committed to improving rail services for Yorkshire and The Humber.
Julie Cooper MP Burnley I am hugely supportive of the initiative to reopen the Colne to Skipton line and I commend you for all your work on this very important project. We have long recognised, in Burnley that improving our transport infrastructure is massively important to our long term economic prosperity. Improving the connectivity between Leeds and Manchester would be another piece in the jigsaw. I will do my utmost to support your campaign.
Jason McCartney MP Colne Valley You have my support. We must invest more in high speed rail and local lines. I'm proud that the Conservatives are leading the call for high speed rail to West Yorkshire. As our roads clog up and crack up after the cold snap, investment in local rail links are making more economic sense.
Andrew Stephenson MP Pendle I would be delighted to [become a patron] of SELRAP and hope to do everything I can to progress the cause.
Julian Smith MP Skipton & Ripon I support SELRAP because I believe it will bring very positive environmental and economic benefits to Skipton & Ripon & beyond. I also commend the committee for their professional and well run campaign.
Rosie Cooper MP West Lancashire I support your project to reinstate the railway line between Skipton and Colne.
Nigel Evans MP Ribble Valley I am fully in support of the moves to re-open the Skipton - Colne Railway line as part of the national network.
Derek Twigg MP Halton I am happy to give my endorsement to the re-instatement of the Colne - Skipton rail link.
Andy Burnham MP Leigh I am pleased to offer my support.
Diana R. Johnson MP Kingston upon Hull North I am very happy to support the re-opening of the Skipton - Colne rail line.
Ben Wallace MP Wyre and Preston North I am very happy to support your campaign to re-open the Skipton - Colne rail line, and assist in any way I can.
John Pugh MP Southport I an happy to support any drive to re-open the Skipton - Colne railway line.
Louise Ellman MP Liverpool Riverside I support your efforts to re-open the Skipton to Colne line and wish you every success.
Greg Knight MP East Yorkshire I think the reinstatement of the rail link between Skipton and Colne is an excellent idea.
Ivan Lewis MP Bury South I would be delighted to support your cause and I can see the benefits that would accrue from re-instatement of the line.
Greg Mulholland MP Leeds North West It is clear that re-opening the railway would provide a vital, cost effective transport link in the region.
Gordon Marsden MP Blackpool South It surely makes sense to reconnect the two regions of the North West and Yorkshire/Humberside by reviving this missing link.
Nick Clegg MP Sheffield Hallam This will bring untold benefits to the local people of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
George Howarth MP Knowsley You have my complete support in your campaign.
Paul Maynard Blackpool North and Cleveleys I am more than happy to offer my support. Improving rail links across the North West ... a key priority for me.
Jason McCartney Colne Valley You have my support. We must invest more in high speed rail and local lines.
Mark Menzies Fylde I am sure the line would be of great benefit to the local economy... I would be very happy for you to add my name to your list of supporters.
Barry Sheerman Huddersfield I am more than happy to support the campaign.
Graham Jones Hyndburn I am a great supporter of the railways and support any initiative that will improve the network, especially one in Lancashire. Your efforts to bring this forward and seek to improve the railways are commendable.
Kris Hopkins Keighley You have my full support.
Hilary Benn Leeds Central I support, and wish you every success, in your campaign for the reinstatement of the Colne to Skipton rail link.
Rachel Reeves Leeds West 'As Labour's parliamentary candidate for Leeds West getting better transport links for the people of Leeds West is one of my top priorities. I support the campaign to restore the rail link between Colne and Skipton, as it would provide huge benefits for both people in Leeds West, and across Yorkshire.
Andrew Stephenson Pendle I would be delighted to take up such a role for SELRAP and hope to do everything I can to progress the cause.
Mark Hendrick Preston I would be pleased to support the re-opening of this line which would ensure that once again there is a direct rail service between Preston and Skipton.
Philip Davies Shipley I am more than happy for you to add my name to your list of supporters.
council Barnoldswick The re-opened line will provide fast public transport to the rest of East Lancashire, Preston and Manchester, as well as to important nearby towns and cities such as Skipton, Leeds and Bradford. The re-opened line could also have a significant economic impact on the West Craven area by providing additional employment opportunities, attracting inward investment and further encouraging and enhancing local tourism. Finally, a public transport link could provide important environmental benefits, through a reduction in car journeys.